The positivity in Co-connected communities

I’ve had the pleasure this week of spending a little time away from the day to day running of VCS and get away with the family for a recharging break.

Alongside plenty of walking in the marvellous North Eastern countryside I’ve also been able to indulge in another passion neglected somewhat on normal working weeks, that of reading.

Now during this break I’ve enjoyed reading several books including this little quirky number “Fish Bowl” by Bradley Somer

Now without giving away too much of the story it’s set following a short time in the lives of a 27 storey residential block and the inhabitants lives lived during the period of a goldfish falling the distance of the 27 storeys to the ground – you have to read to understand šŸ˜€

What struck me with this book however is also follows a long held approach I use in my work and life, that on all levels we are as a society all co-connected in some way. Indeed the author in their acknowledgements says “…proving that no single person lives his or her own life; we live each other’s together.”

In supporting social care providers I truly value the approach of co-connection and how each service can work with the assets its holds and the quality assets that are in and around that locality to create a co-joined support network that works together for the benefit of all. 

I have to be careful to state here that this is not a reliance on others in being co-connected however a more mutually working together that comes from unstanding co-connection and how we are all living our lives together even if we don’t immediately understand its direct impact.

From the most obvious areas – collective health professionals and carers all coming together to deliver care services to individuals in need of personalised support, with each person playing their part in the collective whole to reach a positive outcome for others….

To less obvious areas – the local butchers and/or greengrocers taking local dementia friendly awareness sessions in order to better understand their changing customer group more and provide a co-connected provision of products and service with their local residential/nursing homes to support the continued business framework of a local community…

There are many more ways that this co-connected approach can be explored and I urge you dear reader to check out Cormac Russell and the  Nuture Development team to see those in positive action

And please if you see or image any further ideas then please feel free to comment below,

Till next time remember “with hope and belief there are no limitations



New Weekly Blog

I have been pondering for a while now about writing a little weekly blogĀ just highlighting one of the main issues and/or interesting things that I come across during my working week.

From all the work I undertake with different providers in health and social care I get asked and come across many different and very varied topics/issues whilst supporting businesses in the sector.

Often from being at one client in a locality and coming across a certain problem I have been able to call uponĀ an outcome/action previously used with another client in a different locality or been able to use that issue to highlight good practice to other clients further down the line.

Also many a time I have had little conversations with services and managers about these issues whilst I am visiting or speaking to them, only to be met with:

“You know if you hadn’t pointed that out I would have never known, thank you”

These blogs moving forward will be an extension of those conversations and hopefully on occasion I will be able to provide some good practice for others to take into their supports or indeed spark a little debate or conversation on how other providers have solved issues that are spoken about on here.

So here we go, lets hope that it becomes beneficial to all that read and opens up new good practice and positive conversations across the health and social care sector.

As always would love your comments and or topic headers should you wish,

Take care, till next blog!