Inspirational Tedx Liverpool

I had the privilege and honour yesterday to be one of the over 800 Tedsters that attended the TedXLiverpool 2016 talks.

What I experienced yesterday far outdid my expectations and has somewhat left me feeling like the Duracell Bunny this morning

taken from

The day delivered by the TedxLiverpool organisers and volunteers was amazing and truly inspiring (I seem to be using that word a lot following my attendance).

What I also experienced sat there listening to all the different speakers and musicians was a palpable feeling of excitement and engagement from within everybody around me.

800 Tedsters had come together to listen and it was amazing to feel and listen to the energy and creativity that was a buzz around the venue.

So dear reader I put to you if you have the chance to attend your own Tedx event please jump at the chance and if you haven’t already found TED then take a look, some of the media outlets I use are:

Finally my takeaway from yesterday is a new focused mantra of

“Challenge, Create, Change and focus to follow your passions”

and now my first challenge is to harness this excited “Duracell Bunny” feeling and focus the life and work ahead.

Thank you for reading and remember

“With hope and belief there are no limitations”



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A now 40 year old father to 2 husband to 1 who owns his own health and social care consultancy business. I have over time understood the importance to live in the here and now and hope through my posts to deliver new information, spark discussions or just make someone smile :-)

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