Manager – “When do I get a supervision?”

Hello again dear reader I hope the past week has been a good one with plenty of opportunity and positive well-being for all.

So week 3 of these blogs brings me to a topic that has become very familiar in discussions but not so familiar when asking a manager “has yours been done or not?”

What am I talking about well I am talking about “Supervision and Appraisal” specifically for Care Home/Provider Managers and their management team.

I have had lots of experience over the years of working with care providers both residential and domiciliary and have often audited and monitored their supervision, appraisal and development of the staffing team. Now undertaking these audits normally show that the home and/or service is on top of employment supervision/development with all staff being supported with scheduled supervisions and annual appraisals, all written and recorded for inspectors to see on nicely defined matrices.

“HOWEVER” something that I have experienced a lot in my working and has again cropped up this week with a client is, who undertakes the supervision and appraisal of the manager and the management team in charge at the home/service.

“OFTEN” have I found that managers have been left to arrange their own supervisions with responsible persons/owners and if this gets forgotten about or through all the work that goes into being a manager it happens to be put on the back-burner it is left and the manager goes for months even years without their own supervision and/or development being appraised by the home/service owner.

Now in extreme cases, including a recent residential home turnaround project I have been involved, what happens is the standard of the home/service drops and due to not carrying out regular supervision/appraisals of the manager in charge the responsible person/owner only finds out about issues when they are at critical stage.

As an associate member of the Chartered Management Institute I advocate wholeheartedly in holding regular supervisions and appraisals with managers of home/services to ensure that management development is high on your agenda as well as moving to resolve issues that may occur at a low/local level before becoming critical.

I hope this blog has nudged you if your or your managers supervision is long overdue

And indeed if you feel that this is something that you need assistance with or would like to discuss the possibility of assistance then please get in touch with myself and I would be more than happy to offer VCS  supervision/appraisal supports.

As always please feel free to leave a comment and our experience on this subject and till next blog take care,




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